Design and Engineering

Our engineers in this unit work with the latest 3D modeling and analysis software to design molds and tools as well as simulate the forging process to optimize the manufacturing process and enhance the quality of products. This unit includes:
CAD/CAM center Management of technical documentation center CAE center

Production of Tools and Molds

Precisely manufactured molds guarantee stable conditions for the production of forgings. The molds are manufactured exclusively on modern NC and CNC machines. We use the following devices to produce tools:
Modern CNC machines Turning-lathe machines Electrical discharge machine (EDM)


In this unit we cut steel bars into pieces to the production process. We have the capability of cutting steel bars from 20mm to 80mm in diameter. We use the following devices to cut steel bars:
Pneumatic cutting machines Sawmills and scissor


We process all types of steel materials weighing between 0.5 and 8 kg. In all production lines, different types of furnaces manufactured by Azar Felez Tabriz Company (AFT Co.) are used for the preheating phase of the parts with very good quality. Forging equipment is as follows:
Hot forging presses Pre-heating furnaces (manufactured by AFT Co.)

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Heat Treatment

We have the capability of performing all types of heat treatment including hardening, tempering, annealing, isothermal annealing, stress-relieving, induction, cementation, normalizing and etc. Heat treatment unit equipment includes:
Heat treatment furnaces (manufactured by AFT Co.) Vertical furnaces controlled atmosphere (manufactured by AFT Co.)

Labs and Test

We apply modern quality inspection systems and have access to excellent management, use all state-of-the-art methods and tools for quality control of our whole production process from the purchasing of material through continuous monitoring of production up to final inspection before dispatch. Laboratory equipment is as follows:
Dimension measurements Metalography equipment Hardness measurements Micro Hardness measurements

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